Your Individual account needs to be fully verified in order to deposit, trade, and withdraw on EQUOS in fiat. Refer to Identification levels.

Step 1: Click on your User Profile on the top-right corner of your dashboard. If you're on the Trading screen (/trade), click on the burger-menu icon on the top-right of your browser window. Then, click on Accounts or User Profile.

Go to Wallets > Withdrawal. Select the currency you want to withdraw to your bank account in the currency drop-down list.

Step 2: Choose the bank account that you’d like to receive the fund.

You will be requested to add a bank account if you do not have one currently linked to your EQUOS account. See How to add a bank account for step-by-step guidelines.

Step 3: Enter how much you want to withdraw in the Amount field. Our system will automatically calculate the following values:

  • Gross Withdrawal Amount (equivalent to the amount requested)
  • Withdrawal fee (based on Fee structure)
  • Net withdrawal amount (Gross total minus fee)

Step 5: Enter the 2-Factor Authentication code generated via your authentication app, then click Submit Withdrawal Request.

If you haven’t set up 2-Factor Authentication, kindly check out our 2FA Guide.

Step 6: A pop-up window will show you a summary of your withdrawal request. If you wish to cancel the request, click Cancel This Request or immediately contact EQUOS customer support.

You will receive a confirmation email once this step is complete.

Your request will also appear in your Withdrawal History table at the bottom of the page. Please refer to this table when checking the status of your Withdrawal Request.

You can check on the status of your withdrawal(s) in the History tab.

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For further assistance, please reach out to EQUOS Customer Support team via or chat with us via the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the Intercom screen.

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