Dear EQUOS Customer,

In line with our commitment to continuously improve your EQUOS experience, please be informed that a Server upgrade will take place.

Release Window

  • Date: 27 August 2020
  • Commence: 10:00 am UTC (06:00 pm HKT)
  • Resumption of Services 11:00 am UTC (07:00 pm HKT)

Systems Affected

  • Log In, Sign Up, Account, Deposit & Withdrawals

Availability of API, Matching Engine, and FIX Gateway services will be unaffected during the release. Orders resting in the book will still match.

Please Note: Clients will be unable to login to the EQUOS web platform, or access the Trading System via Web during the Release Window. Clients are, therefore, recommended to consider this regarding their open orders and positions.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding. For any questions, please contact our Customer Support team who will be available.

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Thank you,
The EQUOS Customer Support Team

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