After logging into your EQUOS account, you will be promptly brought to Trading page.

Next to Spot drop-down menu, select the trading pair that you’d like to trade.

The twenty-four (24) hour trading volume can be seen in the header section of that respective market’s trading screen:

Under the Wallet panel, you can find your account balances across all different assets that you have. Note that available balances refer to your current balance, net of all pending transactions including open orders. You can click on Deposits to fund your EQUOS account or Withdrawals to move funds out of your EQUOS account.

In the Order Form, there are three order types you may select: Market, Limit, and Stop orders along with Time in Force option.

The Order Book lists all open orders in the market. This is by default found next to the Order Form.

By default, your Order Blotter appears at the bottom-left of the dashboard. It shows you all your open, filled & partially filled, and canceled orders - along with the corresponding fees, price, and position. These may be filtered by market/trading pair.

You may also extract a CSV copy of your trade activities when you click on the download button shown here:

Executed trades are listed in the Trade History panel.

To cancel an open order, go to your Order Blotter and scroll to the right. You have the option to cancel an open order one-by-one or a blanket cancel order when you click on Cancel All.

For further assistance or more information, please contact our Customer Support team via or click on the chat widget at the bottom right-hand side of the EQUOS page.

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