In celebration of the launch of the EQUOS Origin token (EQO), we are unveiling a series of exciting competitions for EQUOS customers to earn cryptocurrencies and EQO. The competitions come in three stages:

  • The 72- Hour Warm-Up Flash Sale
  • The 3- Week EQO Activation Competition
  • The 1-Week EQO Token Release Launch

As the second part of our Token Launch celebration, for 3 weeks, from Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 to Wednesday, April 7th, 2021:

  • All participants will earn EQO by being a price taker* and earn EQO at the formula:
    (Individual total taker volume during the Campaign Period / Total taker volume generated during the Campaign Period) * 1,054,117.62.
  • All participants will have a chance to win 0.002 BTC for EVERY 100,000 USD volume generated, up to 10,000,000 USD of your volume.
  • As participants pass 10,000,000 USD and generate above 10,000,000 USD in volume, you will be entered to share a prize pool of 1 BTC proportionate to your trading volume generated above 10,000,000 USD with others who also generate above 10,000,000 USD volume.

All trading volumes generated across spot and perpetual pairs will qualify. Total rewards available to Participants will be capped to 3 BTC for individual volume under 10,000,000 USD and 1 BTC for all individual volume above 10,000,000 USD.

Learn more in the EQO Activation Competition Terms and Conditions.

*A price taker is a client that is buying or selling on the EQUOS platform at the best price at the time. In practice, a price taker will have to perform either a Market Buy or a Market Sell order, or place a Limit Buy or Limit Sell order which is at or above the best offer if a limit buy order, or at or below the best bid if a limit sell order. A taker trade is effectively any trade that aggresses the order book.

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